Activities of the Folk Dance and Song Ensemble (FDSE) ITAS-Prvomajska Ivanec

In the seventies of the last century, a tamburitza orchestra was established in ITAS, which reached a very high quality with its soloists and recorded a number of records. Unfortunately, the transition of the nineties swept the ensemble away, but at the initiative of the new bankruptcy trustee the orchestra has been revived and has 22 members today. It has been working with the new conductor for three years now. It embraces all sorts of music that can convey its messages, in accordance with its capabilities. One of our hits is the musical finale from the Croatian musical Jalta, Jalta, Zelena livada (The Green Meadow) the performance of which has made many professional envious.

The Ensemble organizes annual concerts for ITAS’ workers and for all the residents of our region who are looking for good music and folk songs.